Hebberd Cup Sportsperson of the Year – Cameron Thompson
Birdling Competitor of the Year Trophy Competitor of the Year – Connor Rangi
Harrop Cup Member who does the most for the Club – Jack McLauchlan
Tony Coppell Memorial Tray Club Official of the Year – Chrys Kitto
Presidents Cup Class or Group that promotes the club – McLauchlan Family
Dave McCall Cup Teams of the Year – Tasman Thunder
John Pomeroy Memorial Competitor of the Night – Opening Night – Mark Osborne



Keith Walker Cup Club Championships – Alex Hill
Rawson Cup Season Points – Anthony McKenzie
Hammond Trophy Points – Local cars – 1st open race each night – Trevor Lineham
F W D Day Points Trophy Points – Local cars – All races except teams – Dale McKenzie
Winstanley Trophy Open Championship – William Humphries
Bata NZ Cup Easter Championships – Jordan Dare
Graham Jones Trophy Hit to Pass Alex Bright
Adcock & Donaldson Best Pairs Trophies Best Pairs – Dale McKenzie & Alex Hill
Dave Scott Memorial Trophy – Jacob Brownlees
Trackman Trophy – Alex Hill
Railway Hotel Cup Grid Starts – Anthony McKenzie & Trevor Lineham
Neil Ching Trophy Driver with most stirrer points over season – Luke Ewing
Greenham Shield Best Presented – Trevor Lineham
Pulley Hard luck Shield Hard luck – Anthony McKenzie
Sellars Trophy Best Pit Crew – Alex Hill
Tony Coppell Trophy Most popular Superstock driver – Trevor Lineham


Allparts International Trophy Club Champion – Brad Neiman
Teece Family Trophy Season Points – Keightley Teece
Teece Family Trophy Open Club Champsionship 1st – Michael Paynter
Teece Family Trophy Open Club Championship 2nd – Shane Brooks
Teece Family Trophy Open Club Championship 3rd – Dylan Clarke
Top of the South Trophy Easter Championship – Keightley Teece
Top of the South Speedway Trophy Best Pairs – Kurtis Bandy & Keightley Teece
Trackman Trophy – Keightley Teece
Mag & Turbo Warehouse Trophy Hit to Pass – Keightley Teece
Hogarth Family Shield Stockcar Teams Triples – Dylan Clarke, Dylan Hall & Matt Inwood
Footie Signs & Design Trophy Grid Starts – Keightley Teece
Collier Family Trophy Stirrer – Levi Collier
Muckle Family Trophy Best Presented Stockcar – Keightley Teece
Mobil Stoke Automotive Trophy Hard Luck – Craig Tatnell
Murfz1 Imports Trophy Rookie – Hamish Carter


Paul Russ Furniture Movers Trophy Club Championships – Peter Dickson
E E Bishop & Son Trophy Easter Championships – Ian Burson
Trackman Trophy – Mark Osborne


Midget Competitors agreed to not contest their trophies for the 2017/2018 Season


Bower Honda Trophy Club Championships – Adie Drake & Kieran Satherley
Liquorland Trophy Season Points – Adie Drake & Kieran Satherley
Top of the South Trophy Easter Championships – Russell Stuart & Andrew Parker
Mark Thorn Memorial Trophy – Adie Drake & Kieran Satherley
Brett Lusty Memorial Trophy – Adie Drake & Kieran Satherley
Trackman Trophy – Adie Drake & Kieran Satherley
Ansco Engineering Pairs Trophy – Adie Drake & Kieran Satherley & Shaun Solly & Rosie Solly
Kyle Kup Grid Starts – Brent Steer & Wade Thorn, Adie Drake & Kieran Satherley, Sam Satherley & Tony McKenzie, Shaun Solly & Rosie Solly
Horatio’s Cup Best Presented – Shaun Solly & Rosie Solly
Bott & Galey Hard luck Trophy Hard luck – Shaun Solly & Rosie Solly
Noel & Frankie Trophy Best Pit Crew – Sam Satherley & Tony McKenzie
Warwood Trophy Most Improved – Brent Steer & Wade Thorn


Ian Rodger Trophy Club Championships – Alicia McLauchlan
Bloomfield Family Trophy Season Points – Alicia McLauchlan
Top of the South Trophy Easter Championship – Jeremy Webb
Courier Systems Cup Easter Championship – 1st Nelson TQ Home – Alicia McLauchlan
Trackman Trophy – Jeremy Webb
Stone Family Trophy Grid Starts – Alicia McLauchlan
Independent Beer Systems Trophy Best Presented – Dylan Stone-Cuthbert
Hard luck T Q Trophy Hard luck – Dylan Stone-Cuthbert
TQ Rookie Trophy Rookie – Jason Jones
Trevor Francis & Colin Robinson Trophy Most Improved – Mark Bezett
Bloomfield Trophy Best Pit Crew – Alicia McLauchlan
Robin Bloomfield Trophy Driver Who Has Helped Others – Morgan Frost
Bloomfield Trophy Most Popular TQ Driver – Alicia McLauchlan


Peter Guthrie Paint & Panel Trophy Club Champion – Jarod Fisher
Sheryl Heyward Trophy Season Points – Jarod Fisher
Seeka Panels & Parts Trophy Season Points – Runner-up – Eddy Frans
Nelson Tow & Salvage Trophy Most Points – 1st race – Eddy Frans
Bush Tavern Cup Most Points – 2nd race – Jarod Fisher
Telephone House Trophy Most Points – 3rd race – Eddy Frans
Trevor Evans Trophy Most consistent driver – not in 1st, 2nd or 3rd – Vaughan Cornelius
Trackman Trophy – Tony Diedrichs
Leonard Pellowe Memorial Trophy Best Pairs – Jarod Fisher & Kaylim McNabb
Steve Saunders Trophy Grid Starts – Cam Lankshear/Zoe Connolly, Kaylim McNabb, Geoff Watson
Kai Fish Trophy Best Presented – Vaughan Cornelius
Challenge Marine Trophy Hard luck – Tony Diedrichs
Sutton Trophy Rookie – Cam Lankshear
Recreation Hotel Greymouth Trophy Most Improved – Kaylim McNabb
Heyward Logging Trophy Best Pit Crew – Raymond Davies
Ocean Health Trophy Class Sportsperson – does the most for the class – Dave Leitch


Nelson Speedway Assn. – 1st Trophy Club Championships – Aaran Findlay
Nelson Speedway Assn. – 2nd Trophy Club Championships – Kyle Davies
Nelson Speedway Assn. – 3rd Trophy Club Championships – Hamish Tomlinson
Richmond Exhaust & Radiators Trophy Season Points – Steve Thomas
Richmond Exhaust & Radiators Trophy Runner Up Season Points – Bradley Evans
Trackman Trophy – Dave McSherry
Higgins Auto Dismantlers Trophy Grid Starts – Steve Thomas
Stephen Neal Memorial Trophy Best Presented – Nathan Thomas
Donker Family Trophy Most Spectacular Streetstock – Nathan Thomas
Ron Frost Memorial Trophy Rookie – Kyle Davies
Ron Frost Stirrer Trophy Driver who has won shovel most over season – Ryan Musgrove
Marazion Cattery Hard luck Trophy Hard luck – Ryan Musgrove
Sportsperson of the Year Trophy Streetstocks – Ryan Musgrove


Trackman Trophy – Jason Smith


Colin Biggs Memorial Trophy Club Champion – Raiden Hearne
Trackman Trophy – Baiden Mailman-Byrman
ProKarts Best Pairs Trophies Best Pairs – Hadley Boyce & Caleb Jessop
Ministock Mania Trophy – Experienced Raced for more than 1 season – Caleb Jessop
Ministock Mania Trophy – Novice 1st year driver – Troy Cleveland
Footie Signs & Design Trophy Best Presented – Riley Eathorne
Porter Racing Trophy Most Improved 1st year driver – Riley Eathorne
SBS Trophy Youth Ministock Sportsperson – Cameron Thompson


Challenge Cup Superstocks – Nelson Tigers
Stockcar Teams Brawl Trophy Stockcars – Tasman Thunder
Suspension Developments Trophy Stockcars – Tasman Thunder
Martin-Dumelow Trophy Stockcars – Tasman Thunder
Mike Inwood Trophy Productions -Eastern States


Novelty Night Trial Trophy Car Trial – Collier Family

Super Saloon Grand Prix 1st Ian Burson
South Island Superstocks 1st Shane Harwood
3rd Thomas Stanaway
South Island Stockcars 1st Keightley Teece
3rd Michael Paynter