Lansdowne Road,

PO Box 3368,

(03) 544 6423

If you wish to contact anyone from the club please respect the fact that they are all volunteers with jobs and families.

It would be appreciated if you did not ring during meal times or after 9pm

022 082 6233
03 542 4174
027 275 7080
021 347 474


President: Darryl Bridge
Vice President: Kevin Freeman
Secretary: Shara Higgins
Asst. Secretary: Karen McLauchlan
Club Captain: Kirsten Lineham
Committee: Jean Bron
Tony Mullenger
Chris Kitto
Alistair Thomas
Daryl Bridge
John Everett
Jeff Mills
Rex Collier
Cara Rangi

Class Representatives

Superstocks: Murray Russ Ph 027 450 0619
Super Saloons: Mark Carey Ph 021 454 000
Stockcars: Matt Rollo Ph 022 384 1080
Streetstocks: Stephanie Atkinson Ph 021 128 4806
Midgets: Nick Marquet  Ph 027 333 8066
Three Quarter Midgets: Jeff Mills Ph 027 602 1210
Youth Ministocks: Cameron Thompson Ph 021 0287 1578
Sidecars: Milly Steer Ph 027 544 8190
Production Saloons: Rosetta Diedrichs Ph 027 722 3155
Sprintcars: Kevin Freeman Ph 027 583 2275

Club Officials

Clerk of the Course: Darryl Bridge
Asst. Clerk of the Course: Mark McCauley
Steve Pomeroy
Steward: Craig Piner
Asst. Steward: Tony Mullenger
Referee: Mark Windleborn
Asst. Referee: Allan Hoult
Mike Delaney
Head Scrutineer: Mike Arnold
Superstock Scrutineer: Brendan Higgins
Stockcar Scrutineer: Dave Neiman
Midget Scrutineer: Greg Hewison
Sprintcar Scrutineer: Kevin Freeman
Three Quarter Midget Scrutineer: Greg Hewison
Sidecar Scrutineer: Darren Cook
Production Saloon Scrutineer: Shannon Marr
Streetstock Scrutineer: Ryan Musgrove
Youth Ministock Scrutineer: Jim Chambers
Super Saloon Scrutineer: Rex Westley
Scrutineer: Justin Hearne

Thanks To…

Fire Crew: Brightwater Rural Fire Brigade
First Aid Services: Order of St John
Track Preparation: Track Maintenance Team